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Side effects of marriage


I am quite happily married. I love my wife more than anything. The one and only problem I have with marriage is my mother-in-law.

Yes, that mother-in-law.

About a week after our wedding she came to stay with us overnight, so she could go to a shelter the next morning. That was early November and she is still here.

We got a notice from the apartment manager on our door that she needed to leave or we would get in serious trouble a couple of weeks ago. We told her she needed to find somewhere else, and every day she tells us she needs “one more day”.

She doesn’t contribute (well, she has bought us fast food a couple of times with the welfare money she gets to buy diapers with for the baby she hasn’t seen in three weeks). She doesn’t work (and hasn’t held a job for over a week in two years). She doesn’t respect our house rules. And she won’t leave.