Front end developer, focusing on the JAMstack

For over twenty years my career has been food and retail management, with web development as a hobby. I am ready to turn web development into a career and telling people what to do into a hobby. Hire me!



A site with a patriotic blue theme.

Barbi had a very dated site that she wished to give a facelift to, while improving her process flow and saving money in the process. We modernized her site, improved her new client work flow, and saved her over $200 a year in the process.

TnT Cakery

A pink-themed site that brings a freshly frosted cake to mind

Tina was starting baking. She had no brand, logo, or even name. We gave her a consistently branded online presence.

Recent articles

My dev toolkit through the years

I find NeoVim in the Linux Layer of ChromeOS is the best enviroment for me. I explain why, as well as offering a great alternative if Vim or Linux aren't for you.

The NeoVim logo