TnT Cakery

A pink-themed site that brings a freshly frosted cake to mind

What Tina was looking for

Tina is the owner of a home bakery in San Antonio. She had a personal reputation for making great looking and great tasting cakes, but not much else. Her bakery didn't even have a name. She wanted the branding and online presence to give her baking some clout.

Our solution

We began with helping her find a name. The letters TnT were important to her (As in Tina aNd Tony, her husband). We found a great name with an available domain, so we laid claim for her. We kept the cake theme for the entire branding, with the logo we designed having the appearance of a multi-tiered cake on a cake stand and the color scheme reminiscent of icing.

As the cakes and their prices are unique for every client, a shopping cart-style site was not feasible. We settled on a basic gallery with a contact form to request more info. We decided that eleventy would be a great fit for the site, allowing for simple maintenance without much overhead, making for a speedy site.


What we began with went through several iterations before going live, but the final product was exactly what she wanted. We even ordered her business cards based on the branding we created for her. She is quite pleased with her new online presence.