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What America needs

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America is in need of a single term president. We need someone who will get into office and do all sorts of unpopular stuff, approval ratings be damned. We need someone who will put policies into effect that sacrifice the short term to help the long term. We need someone who is okay being the villain. Continue reading

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Run a site on the cheap

Do you have a personal site or blog? How much do you pay for it? If you are like most people who host their own blog, you more than likely pay around $5 or $10 a month, and another $10 a year for your domain. This comes out to around $100 a year.

Let me tell you how I keep my blog up for under $30 a year. (It would be under $20 but I bought a second domain for my URL shortener).

Ever since I switched to 1&1 internet I have been dissatisfied. No really big problems with them that would make me recommend against them; I just felt they weren’t right for me. I don’t like their billing policies (why charge for my hosting in February then for the domain in March?), I don’t care for their control panel, I don’t like the way the user and host of my MySQL database are even more obfuscated than the password I randomly generated.

I had been thinking of packing up and moving to Lifehacker favorite Namecheap for a while anyway, so when Namecheap offered a to let me move my domain for cheap while helping wildlife, just as my 1&1 account was due for renewal, I took it as a sign from [insert deity here]. Continue reading

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Chrome extensions

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I am a big fan of Google Chrome. Technically, my wife uses Chrome, and I use Chromium, to spare us the hassle of logging in and out of the computer as a whole to switch users. But either way, I love a lot about Chromium, but don’t care at all for the syncing built into it. It is slow and messes stuff up more than I care to think of. Since almost all of my data is in various clouds, I don’t have much use for sync anyway. However, the one area that always throws me off when I have to reinstall my profile (I use the unstable development branch, so this happens every couple of months) is my extensions. I have quite a few that I can’t work without, and since I don’t want to sync them, I figured I should keep a list of them somewhere safe. I decided that in doing so I would also let everyone else know about the ones I use, so maybe someone else can find something new and useful.

I will keep the list updated as I discover useful new tools, and you can view it at surber.us/chrome.

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Reports of my blog’s death have been greatly exaggerated

I know I recently said that I was going to kill my blog, but I have decided to try to keep it running. I have given it a new theme and tag line, and am trying to integrate it with Twitter. I do have to admit it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one neglecting my blog.

I also moved my domain to Namecheap, am hosting my content at NearlyFreeSpeech.net, and have moved my email and the such to Google Apps. I am happy with all three; much more so than I was with 1&1.

Speaking of moving, the wife and I moved from our apartment in Saginaw to one in Fort Worth. It is nicer, larger, and slightly cheaper. We moved because it is closer to our new job. I have (once again) switched jobs, and now work at Sam’s Club, alongside my wife. At times I miss Walmart, but giving out free samples is the easiest job I have ever had. In the six months I’ve been doing it, I have gained ten centimeters around my waist!

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