Free as in speech…


The open source movement’s motto has long been “Free as in speech, not as in beer.” Of course, I go for both as I am poor 🙂

After reading Features vs Freedom, I realized that I use mostly non-free software. I had thought myself big on free software, but had not considered the fact that web apps aren’t really free. I use a lot of Google’s web apps. Nearly all of them, in fact. I am trying to change that.

I am still using GMail because my web host’s POP and IMAP servers don’t seem to work. However, I have weaned myself from my favorite Google app, Reader, for Vienna, a desktop aggregator. I am also using the bookmarks built into my browser, (Camino), instead of Google’s bookmarks.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the way Google makes their stuff, I just want to have as much freedom as possible. This is my computer, after all. Shouldn’t I be able to control the stuff on it?

Bonus tip: If you use Privoxy (which you should) try enabling user.filter (in Privoxy/config then paste these two lines in it:

FILTER: noscripts Kill all <script> tags
[email protected](</?)(script)[^>]*>@$1no$2><a href="">@gU</a>

Combine that with the build in filter for JS events and you can disable JS on a site by site basis. Comes in handy.