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An open letter to Conservative Christians


It has been a while since I have written a religious article, but after seeing this flash video (via digg, satire of The God Delusion) I felt like I had to say something.

I don’t see how you people have such a problem believing that science and religion can complement each other. I have, in fact, mentioned this before. I know that the Bible is God’s Word, but think about this: do you know Greek? Hebrew? Aramaic?

Most people believe that the most accurate translation of the Bible is the King James version. However, if you research this translation even a tiny bit, you will find that it is an English translation of a German translation of a Latin translation of the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, and each of these translations was copied hundreds of time by hand. One translation of the game Zerowing left us with “How are you gentlemen. All your base are belong to us.” What do you think that the Bible going through all these people has done?

On top of that, the Bible is open to interpretation. Look for anything in there about not having sex outside of marriage. I did. For days. The closest that is there is that lust (sex without love) is bad. Yet you are so sure that that means extramarital sex is a sin. That is an interpretation, try doing the same thing on other parts every now and then.

Don’t you think that God would have spoken to people thousands of years ago in words that they would understand? There was no way to express to Paul the Sagans of years old the universe is. Evolution would make no sense to Abraham. What would Malaci care about dinosaurs?

What makes you think that God didn’t spend Sagans of years getting everything perfect for us? Didn’t orchestrate us evolving from Cro-Magnons the same way he orchestrated the Apostles performing miracles in Acts?

Another point of view: if you are right, so? The thing that matters is accepting Jesus, right? If you tell someone, “If you believe in that you can’t believe in God” and “that” can be proven, do you think the person you are talking to will be accepting Jesus?

Open your minds, people, and quit trying to act like you know more than everyone else.