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The last time I had written here in 2011, I had recently been hired to provide free samples at Sam’s club. While there, I met Mary, who worked in the bakery during the day but moonlit at a regionally popular burger chain. She mentioned that her store was in need of good management, and suggested that I apply. I eventually did, and was hired. I had originally thought that this, like every job I’ve had, would be something to keep me afloat until I went on to somewhere else.

I was wrong.

I have been a vegetarian since 1989, and while the restaurant I work for is well known for high quality, I have never tasted a burger from there. Yet it is a great company, whom I have been working for just short of five years. This is the longest I have held a position in my life, and the first job that I feel I can actually say I have turned into a career. A little over a year ago I was given a promotion and am now General Manager of an entire restaurant. This required my wife and I to pack up and move, but it is worth it. I am happy overall with my job; of course it is a stressful industry, but I can manage stress better than most.

Teachers used to tell me if I didn’t live up to my potential I’d wind up flipping burgers. It turns out that living up to my potential has me doing exactly that.

And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Upgrade to Ubuntu

I apologize for my prolonged absence. My monitor developed a short, and seeing as how I have (had) a first-generation iMac, lack of a monitor meant that I had to replace the entire computer. I finally got an old HP from my step-mom, on which I am now running Ubuntu Linux. It had been so long since I used Linux, I forgot how much I love all the freedom that comes with it. It seems slightly slow due to the age of the computer, but it is still better than my aging iMac. After having converted three or four people to Ubuntu, it is about time that I got to give it a go. I don’t think I will be looking back.

I am working days at work again, sort of. I work 0400—1300 Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and 0800—1730 on Friday and Saturday. I am glad to have a decent schedule again. The overnight freight crew does seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty without me, though.

After the release of WordPress 2.1, with all its improvements in database performance, I am thinking of switching to WP again. Perhaps this time it will be for good. The TextPattern community seems to have stagnated somewhat. The biggest news to come out of TxP lately has all been commercial products that would be nice to have, but that I don’t feel justify paying for when WP is completely free (free as in speech and free as in beer).


Some guy came in to work last night and wanted to buy some beer. He looked 20ish so I asked to see some ID, which he didn’t have. I refused the sale because it’s my job.

He went outside, sat in his car for about five minutes, then comes back in with an “I’m gonna kick your ass” look. Asks, “You wanna come smoke a cigarette with me?”

“No, I don’t smoke,” I lie, “besides, I’ve got a line.” He lets out an irritated grunt and leaves, and goes to stew in his car again.

Ten minutes later, he comes back in, just walks up to the counter, and spits in my face.

“There, we’re even,” he says.

If I didn’t need my job I would have put his face through one of the windows, but I just stood there and took it. But when I told my manager about it she said that since that was assault on his part, if I had wanted to throw a couple of swings, she wouldn’t have fired me.

I hope he comes back.


This is your brain on drugs

Friday night when I got to work there was a crazy lady outside. She had gotten there at four o’clock and was still there when I showed up at ten. She was skitzin’ or cracked out or something. She had been harassing the customers and employees the entire time, but everyone was too afraid of her to call the cops. I, of course, said “Fuck this, she ain’t stayin’ out here on my shift! She does one thing wrong and she’s gone.” Less than five minutes later she comes in, refills her coffee cup, and leaves. Normally, I don’t charge for refills; I think I have charged five times in the three months I have worked there, all because my manager was watching. But still, that 75 cent refill was enough for me. I called the cops right in front of her. Anyone else would have taken off, but she just stood there, watching me and giving me the finger.

Once I got off the phone she went outside. I was thinking that maybe she would leave, but instead she just stood out front, holding the door for customers and giving me the evil eye. I think she was trying to look harmless or something; I don’t understand the brains of crackheads. So this short pudgy officer shows up. He is talking to her, and she turns and walks to her car. He tells her “Oh, fuck no, you don’t walk away from me while I’m talking to you!” and pushes her up against her car. He has both arms pinned against her back, but every time he tries to reach for his cuffs she almost breaks free, so he has no choice but to hold her there until his backup arrives.

Ten minutes later, flashing lights show up. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Not saying anything, just making noise. Four more cars roll in, gangbuster style, and seven or eight cops run across the lot at her. It looks like something for a movie.

I go comb my hair in case channel five shows up. They don’t, but that’s okay.

They take her to the ground, double-cuff her (and shackle her legs) and put her in a car. She won’t talk. They have to dig through her car and pull out her registration to find out her name. They take her to jail and give her a criminal trespass warrant.

I have the most awesome job in the world.