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Corpse Bride

I thought at first that the movie would just be a sequel of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I thought sucked hugely. It was quite good though.

The main character is betrothed to some girl from a prestigious family without money, while his family has money without prestige. Their marriage is arranged by both families as one of convenience, but he quickly falls for his bride. However, he is a bit inept and has trouble remembering his vows. While practicing them in the forrest, he slips the ring on what he believes is a dead twig, but in fact happens to be the hand of a dead girl. He realized that he loves her, yet is stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead, bound to both by love and obligation.
It was very well done, with much better animation/claymation than Nightmare had. The plot seemed slightly thin, but the characters were done well enough to more than make up for that.

Lord Of The Rings Review

I have tried to watch Lord of the Rings before, but always fall asleep not far into it. I just managed, for the first time, to stay awake through the entire movie. The plot is confusing, the characters are annoying and unbelievable, and the acting is horrible.

Worst movie ever.