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Field Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

On Tuesday, Evan’s grade went on a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. The wife and I tagged along as chaperones, taking care of a small group of kids. Despite my normal antipathy towards children, we actually had a great deal of fun!

Before we went to the aquarium, we took a side trip to Linda Spurlock park, where the kids played a while and ate lunch. Then they all boarded a bus and we headed to Dallas. I normally can’t stand Dallas, and refuse to go there even to see a good show (I do plan on making an exception for when the Nekromantix play with the Reverend Horton Heat on 25 July) but was willing to do so to hang out with the wife and kid.

When we got there, we hit a slight snag; parking was $5 and for some reason the parking lot was one of the ones where you have to stuff bills in a box. We rarely if ever carry cash, and this is the first place I have seen in several years where I couldn’t use plastic. Fortunantally, one of the other parents had some extra money and gave it to us. It would normally be embarrassing to have to even ask, but I refuse to feel like a fool when they are the ones who won’t take my Visa.

Jennifer took the camera I got her for X-Mas, and took several pictures. She created a gallery of her favorites; I just uploaded the entite mess online. Feel free to browse and enjoy.


Ironically, after specifically mentioning in my last post that the wife and I couldn’t take the kids to the doctor, just that situation came up.

Josh and Evan went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for strep throat. They were both given prescriptions for antibiotics, but for some reason their mother didn’t want to get two identical prescriptions and decided that they could share one. When we pointed out the (seemingly) obvious fact that you have to take the full prescription for the antibiotic to be effective, and offered to get the other one if she would only give us the prescription, she refused. So both kids took five days worth rather than the ten they were supposed to.

On Friday morning, I got out of work at 1 A.M. as normal. Jennifer and I stayed up until four, which is also pretty normal. At six, Josh woke us up crying, saying his ear hurt. Josh sleeps like a teenager, and if left alone will sleep until noon. He also rarely cries unless his feelings are hurt, but pain doesn’t bother him. So we were obviously worried. At nine when his pediatrician opened, we called and tried to set up an appointment, but were told (as we had feared) that they wouldn’t see him because his mother wasn’t present. So we took him to the children’s hospital. After a bit of a wait (swine flu — the number of suspected cases in this country is almost one eighth of the number of fatalities this year from standard seasonal flu, so we all need to live in bubbles!) and explaining the situation to several people, they tried to set us up an appointment with his pediatrician. Unfortunantly, he had left for his vacation at noon, so we were given an appointment with the doctor who was covering his cases. Continue reading Heartwarming

Happy birthday Josh

Jennifer’s brother Josh is turning ten tomorrow, so yesterday we had him a birthday party. He loves Batman, so we themed our party as such.

To make the party extra fun, I dressed as the Joker, which would have worked better had I had some hair. It seemed like a fun idea, and I even got into character quite well, but I didn’t realize how much I was setting myself up to be picked on by a small army of small people! We had water guns and confetti eggs, and instead of turning them on each other all the kids were squirting and confettiing me! Stupid bullies. They were just jealous!

In addition to a malfunctioning pinata and the aforementioned water guns and confetti eggs, we had a huge cake and a shitload of pizzas, and watched the 1990 Batman (with Jack Nicholson as the Joker) and Batman & Robin. I had never seen Batman & Robin, and must say that it is somehow cornier than the Adam West Batman movie! It was just plain awful.

After watching twenty or so kids for three or four hours we were completely exhausted. I don’t see why anyone would have more than two kids… children in large numbers become evil!

Fortunantly everyone seemed to have fun. We spent pretty much our entire grocery budget putting this party together, and knowing that the birthday boy liked it makes it all worthwhile.