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Run a site on the cheap

Do you have a personal site or blog? How much do you pay for it? If you are like most people who host their own blog, you more than likely pay around $5 or $10 a month, and another $10 a year for your domain. This comes out to around $100 a year.

Let me tell you how I keep my blog up for under $30 a year. (It would be under $20 but I bought a second domain for my URL shortener).

Ever since I switched to 1&1 internet I have been dissatisfied. No really big problems with them that would make me recommend against them; I just felt they weren’t right for me. I don’t like their billing policies (why charge for my hosting in February then for the domain in March?), I don’t care for their control panel, I don’t like the way the user and host of my MySQL database are even more obfuscated than the password I randomly generated.

I had been thinking of packing up and moving to Lifehacker favorite Namecheap for a while anyway, so when Namecheap offered a to let me move my domain for cheap while helping wildlife, just as my 1&1 account was due for renewal, I took it as a sign from [insert deity here]. Continue reading Run a site on the cheap

Happy birthday Josh

Jennifer’s brother Josh is turning ten tomorrow, so yesterday we had him a birthday party. He loves Batman, so we themed our party as such.

To make the party extra fun, I dressed as the Joker, which would have worked better had I had some hair. It seemed like a fun idea, and I even got into character quite well, but I didn’t realize how much I was setting myself up to be picked on by a small army of small people! We had water guns and confetti eggs, and instead of turning them on each other all the kids were squirting and confettiing me! Stupid bullies. They were just jealous!

In addition to a malfunctioning pinata and the aforementioned water guns and confetti eggs, we had a huge cake and a shitload of pizzas, and watched the 1990 Batman (with Jack Nicholson as the Joker) and Batman & Robin. I had never seen Batman & Robin, and must say that it is somehow cornier than the Adam West Batman movie! It was just plain awful.

After watching twenty or so kids for three or four hours we were completely exhausted. I don’t see why anyone would have more than two kids… children in large numbers become evil!

Fortunantly everyone seemed to have fun. We spent pretty much our entire grocery budget putting this party together, and knowing that the birthday boy liked it makes it all worthwhile.