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Upgrade to Ubuntu

I apologize for my prolonged absence. My monitor developed a short, and seeing as how I have (had) a first-generation iMac, lack of a monitor meant that I had to replace the entire computer. I finally got an old HP from my step-mom, on which I am now running Ubuntu Linux. It had been so long since I used Linux, I forgot how much I love all the freedom that comes with it. It seems slightly slow due to the age of the computer, but it is still better than my aging iMac. After having converted three or four people to Ubuntu, it is about time that I got to give it a go. I don’t think I will be looking back.

I am working days at work again, sort of. I work 0400—1300 Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and 0800—1730 on Friday and Saturday. I am glad to have a decent schedule again. The overnight freight crew does seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty without me, though.

After the release of WordPress 2.1, with all its improvements in database performance, I am thinking of switching to WP again. Perhaps this time it will be for good. The TextPattern community seems to have stagnated somewhat. The biggest news to come out of TxP lately has all been commercial products that would be nice to have, but that I don’t feel justify paying for when WP is completely free (free as in speech and free as in beer).

Promoting Linux

Most Linux news sites (OS News, Linux.com, NewsForge, etc) run a couple of articles per week on how you can help to promote use of Linux on desktop systems. My simple advice, refuse to do any tech support for people using Windoze, other than installing Linux. Since most tech geeks are their family’s IT support, if more people refused to help troubleshoot viruses and malware on Windoze the unwashed masses would have little choice other than to either migrate to Linux or put up with Indian tech support hotlines.

Slightly cruel but should be effective.

Got a new phone

I just got a Treo 600 and must say, it is the coolest piece of technology I have ever owned. From one device I can make calls, check email, browse the web, listen to music (with a SD card and headphones adaptor), read books (I just bought a new Star Trek book from Peanut Press), take pictures, and play games. I have yet to have a single problem with it, and despite the fact that it is a handheld computer (that I can sync with my desktop) I don’t feel like I am talking into a pocket calculator when I use the phone. The applications are all well integrated (if someone emails me a phone number I can dial it with a single tap on the screen). I would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for a new phone that wants to be able to do more than just make calls.

I have got everyone’s Christmas shopping done. I do believe Jennifer and I picked the perfect gift for everyone on our list too. Which is ironic considering that my perfect gift is usualy a gift card.