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The scenery was beautiful. The people seemed nice (but somewhat slutty). I didn’t even get carded anywhere (I am old enough to drink and smoke but reaching for my wallet is a pain in the ass). I got ten different types of beer and ale from a microbrewery called Tommy Knockers right outside of town (I would recommend them).

But our bodies just couldn’t adjust to the thin mile-high air. We had a headache and felt sick for the entire time we were there. Then we ate at the original Chipotle restaurant and I tasted that twice.

But I had fun. I got to see Beth, who I have seen all of once in the last year or so, and my uncle, who I have seen once in the last decade or so. I got four days off work to spend with my wife, who I don’t NC see much. And I got to hang out at a hookah bar. Much fun.

Denver is a nice place to live, but I wouldn’t want to visit there.


I know that a lot of people lost everything in this disaster, and I certainly feel for them. I am also more proud of being a Texan than normal, as our state has taken the lead on helping out the refugees. However, I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out some of the things that bother me about everything.

First is the people who claim “This is our tsunami”. Last year’s tsunami happened so quickly that no one knew what was happening until the wave was 10 meters or so from them. With a hurricane we had four days notice. Also, the tsunami decimated 13 countries (if I remember right) while Katrina’s main destruction was confined to two states. It is typical American arrogance to believe that the suffering, however real, of our citizens is anywhere near the Asian tsunami. Continue reading Katrina

Doesn’t the law apply to everyone?

A 97 year old lady is pissed off because she got arrested. She got pulled over for having an expired registration, and it turned out she had a six month old outstanding warrant for the same registration! So the cops take her to jail, but she is convinced she is the victim here. That’s no big deal, most criminals think that. But what troubles me is that everyone agrees with her! She received letters of apology from both the mayor and governor, and was given a new registration free! Just because she goes to the media complaining that she was “handcuffed and fingerprinted like a common criminal.” Having been in jail a couple of times, I have news for this lady-criminals don’t get more common that not paying a ticket.

Sorry to rant. That pisses me off and I had to get it off my chest.