Where are the real heroes?

Why is it this country applauds failure? The wife has had the news on for two or three hours now, and every five minutes I am having to hear about that “hero” of a captain who was taken hostage by pirates. I seem to remember something about a captain going down with his ship. If pirates try to take you hostage, shouldn’t you go down fighting? Seriously, how are you a hero if you let someone take you hostage? Seems to me like that just makes you a cunt.

My favorite part was when he was compared to the “hero” pilot who crashed his plane into a river. How does crashing your plane make you a hero? So no one died… that’s just pure luck. No one dies when you fly your plane to where you are going and land properly like most other pilots do, either, but pilots with good records aren’t called heroes. Nor do most people think of teachers, parents, cops, firefighters, EMTs, honest politicians and press agents, nor any of the other people who help keep people safe and informed enough that we can participate in governing our country and our lives.

Today, call your parents. Visit an old teacher. Shake a cop’s hand. Find a real hero and tell them that you appreciate them.

And mom, dad, if y’all manage to come across my blog, thank you for raising me as well as you did. You guys are my heroes.

Happy birthday, Jennifer!

Today is my wife‘s twenty fifth birthday! I am taking a four day weekend from work so I can spend some time with her — due to my odd work schedule I spend most of my time either at work or asleep. We haven’t done much together today, as her friend took her out for a birthday lunch/shopping trip she hasn’t been home, but we are going to do something cool later.

Happy birthday Josh

Jennifer’s brother Josh is turning ten tomorrow, so yesterday we had him a birthday party. He loves Batman, so we themed our party as such.

To make the party extra fun, I dressed as the Joker, which would have worked better had I had some hair. It seemed like a fun idea, and I even got into character quite well, but I didn’t realize how much I was setting myself up to be picked on by a small army of small people! We had water guns and confetti eggs, and instead of turning them on each other all the kids were squirting and confettiing me! Stupid bullies. They were just jealous!

In addition to a malfunctioning pinata and the aforementioned water guns and confetti eggs, we had a huge cake and a shitload of pizzas, and watched the 1990 Batman (with Jack Nicholson as the Joker) and Batman & Robin. I had never seen Batman & Robin, and must say that it is somehow cornier than the Adam West Batman movie! It was just plain awful.

After watching twenty or so kids for three or four hours we were completely exhausted. I don’t see why anyone would have more than two kids… children in large numbers become evil!

Fortunantly everyone seemed to have fun. We spent pretty much our entire grocery budget putting this party together, and knowing that the birthday boy liked it makes it all worthwhile.

Upgrade to Ubuntu

I apologize for my prolonged absence. My monitor developed a short, and seeing as how I have (had) a first-generation iMac, lack of a monitor meant that I had to replace the entire computer. I finally got an old HP from my step-mom, on which I am now running Ubuntu Linux. It had been so long since I used Linux, I forgot how much I love all the freedom that comes with it. It seems slightly slow due to the age of the computer, but it is still better than my aging iMac. After having converted three or four people to Ubuntu, it is about time that I got to give it a go. I don’t think I will be looking back.

I am working days at work again, sort of. I work 0400—1300 Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and 0800—1730 on Friday and Saturday. I am glad to have a decent schedule again. The overnight freight crew does seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty without me, though.

After the release of WordPress 2.1, with all its improvements in database performance, I am thinking of switching to WP again. Perhaps this time it will be for good. The TextPattern community seems to have stagnated somewhat. The biggest news to come out of TxP lately has all been commercial products that would be nice to have, but that I don’t feel justify paying for when WP is completely free (free as in speech and free as in beer).

Promoting Linux

Most Linux news sites (OS News, Linux.com, NewsForge, etc) run a couple of articles per week on how you can help to promote use of Linux on desktop systems. My simple advice, refuse to do any tech support for people using Windoze, other than installing Linux. Since most tech geeks are their family’s IT support, if more people refused to help troubleshoot viruses and malware on Windoze the unwashed masses would have little choice other than to either migrate to Linux or put up with Indian tech support hotlines.

Slightly cruel but should be effective.