Field Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

On Tuesday, Evan’s grade went on a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. The wife and I tagged along as chaperones, taking care of a small group of kids. Despite my normal antipathy towards children, we actually had a great deal of fun!

Before we went to the aquarium, we took a side trip to Linda Spurlock park, where the kids played a while and ate lunch. Then they all boarded a bus and we headed to Dallas. I normally can’t stand Dallas, and refuse to go there even to see a good show (I do plan on making an exception for when the Nekromantix play with the Reverend Horton Heat on 25 July) but was willing to do so to hang out with the wife and kid.

When we got there, we hit a slight snag; parking was $5 and for some reason the parking lot was one of the ones where you have to stuff bills in a box. We rarely if ever carry cash, and this is the first place I have seen in several years where I couldn’t use plastic. Fortunantally, one of the other parents had some extra money and gave it to us. It would normally be embarrassing to have to even ask, but I refuse to feel like a fool when they are the ones who won’t take my Visa.

Jennifer took the camera I got her for X-Mas, and took several pictures. She created a gallery of her favorites; I just uploaded the entite mess online. Feel free to browse and enjoy.

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  1. We all had so much fun! Thank you so much for tagging along with me to Dallas on your day off 🙂 It meant so much to Evan & I! I like the way you call my photography “mess” lol I love you. XOXO

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