Where are the real heroes?

Why is it this country applauds failure? The wife has had the news on for two or three hours now, and every five minutes I am having to hear about that “hero” of a captain who was taken hostage by pirates. I seem to remember something about a captain going down with his ship. If pirates try to take you hostage, shouldn’t you go down fighting? Seriously, how are you a hero if you let someone take you hostage? Seems to me like that just makes you a cunt.

My favorite part was when he was compared to the “hero” pilot who crashed his plane into a river. How does crashing your plane make you a hero? So no one died… that’s just pure luck. No one dies when you fly your plane to where you are going and land properly like most other pilots do, either, but pilots with good records aren’t called heroes. Nor do most people think of teachers, parents, cops, firefighters, EMTs, honest politicians and press agents, nor any of the other people who help keep people safe and informed enough that we can participate in governing our country and our lives.

Today, call your parents. Visit an old teacher. Shake a cop’s hand. Find a real hero and tell them that you appreciate them.

And mom, dad, if y’all manage to come across my blog, thank you for raising me as well as you did. You guys are my heroes.

One thought on “Where are the real heroes?”

  1. I completely agree with you, Except about the “parents” part well at least my parents, your parents are amazing!

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