The scenery was beautiful. The people seemed nice (but somewhat slutty). I didn’t even get carded anywhere (I am old enough to drink and smoke but reaching for my wallet is a pain in the ass). I got ten different types of beer and ale from a microbrewery called Tommy Knockers right outside of town (I would recommend them).

But our bodies just couldn’t adjust to the thin mile-high air. We had a headache and felt sick for the entire time we were there. Then we ate at the original Chipotle restaurant and I tasted that twice.

But I had fun. I got to see Beth, who I have seen all of once in the last year or so, and my uncle, who I have seen once in the last decade or so. I got four days off work to spend with my wife, who I don’t NC see much. And I got to hang out at a hookah bar. Much fun.

Denver is a nice place to live, but I wouldn’t want to visit there.

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