Jennifer and I had our wedding shower today, and made off like bandits.

It was at her aunt’s house. We played some games and got a whole lot of stuff. We got enough towels to fill a washing machine, two sets of cups, two of silverware, an electric griddle, a crock pot, a Wal*Mart gift card, a bread box, and a bunch of other stuff. Not a bad haul, considering how few people showed.

Our aforementioned wedding has been moved to 29 Oct 05, and is to be a Halloween theme. I don’t think it is the greatest idea for a wedding, but it is what will make Jennifer happy and little else concerns me. We are to be wearing costumes; she’ll be wearing some kind of vampire dress while I will have a classic zoot suit, an American classic.

Our registry has changed; any well-wishers may visit Wal*Mart to get us stuff if you are so inclined.

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