The wedding had quite a few little kinks in it, but all in all everything went alright.

On the way there to set up my car died, but my sister gave us a ride over there so that wasn’t that big of a deal (though I sure wish that it still worked). We had quite a few problems getting ready, mostly due to the hard soil that we couldn’t stick anything in.

My best man showed up a little late, because he had to pick his wife up at the airport. Most of the people who RSVPed didn’t show. The wedding started forty-five minutes late.

But when I saw my beautiful bride walking down the isle none of that mattered to me. It may not have been exactly the wedding I have been expecting, or the one Jennifer was planning, but it was without a doubt the most wonderful moment of my life.

(I will post pictures as soon as the people with cameras email them to me, I promise.)

4 thoughts on “Married”

  1. Congratulations to you and your bride. Many blessings and joy in your walk together

  2. The photography was done by whoever happened to have a camera with them. They have all been told to email me the pictures, or else give me a picture CD of them, but no one has yet. As soon as they do I will put them up, but I am at everyone else’s mercy here.

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