Got a new phone

I just got a Treo 600 and must say, it is the coolest piece of technology I have ever owned. From one device I can make calls, check email, browse the web, listen to music (with a SD card and headphones adaptor), read books (I just bought a new Star Trek book from Peanut Press), take pictures, and play games. I have yet to have a single problem with it, and despite the fact that it is a handheld computer (that I can sync with my desktop) I don’t feel like I am talking into a pocket calculator when I use the phone. The applications are all well integrated (if someone emails me a phone number I can dial it with a single tap on the screen). I would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for a new phone that wants to be able to do more than just make calls.

I have got everyone’s Christmas shopping done. I do believe Jennifer and I picked the perfect gift for everyone on our list too. Which is ironic considering that my perfect gift is usualy a gift card.