Some guy came in to work last night and wanted to buy some beer. He looked 20ish so I asked to see some ID, which he didn’t have. I refused the sale because it’s my job.

He went outside, sat in his car for about five minutes, then comes back in with an “I’m gonna kick your ass” look. Asks, “You wanna come smoke a cigarette with me?”

“No, I don’t smoke,” I lie, “besides, I’ve got a line.” He lets out an irritated grunt and leaves, and goes to stew in his car again.

Ten minutes later, he comes back in, just walks up to the counter, and spits in my face.

“There, we’re even,” he says.

If I didn’t need my job I would have put his face through one of the windows, but I just stood there and took it. But when I told my manager about it she said that since that was assault on his part, if I had wanted to throw a couple of swings, she wouldn’t have fired me.

I hope he comes back.